TRENDnet (TPE224WS) 24-Ports External Switch Managed

TRENDnet (TPES44) 8-Ports External Switch

TRENDnet TEG (TEG-S24g) 24-Ports Rack-Mountable Switch

TRENDnet TEG (TEGS5g) 5-Ports External Switch

TRENDnet TEG (TEGS82g) 8-Ports External Ethernet Switch

Trendnet Cat5/5e 48-port Pat.Panel Uns. TC-P48C5E (TCP48C5E)

Trendnet TPE-T80 (TPETG80G) 8-Port Ethernet Switch

Trendware Internatio 1000base-t To 1000base-sx-sc Fiber Convrt - Tfc-1000msc (P36262) Transceiver

MPN = Manufacturer Product Code
UPC = Unique (or Universal) Product Code

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